Here are pictures from Sunday, July 24, 2005...  Click on the picture to see it full size for better details. 



RushCon Hotties!!  I love the second picture - told them to do the Charlie's Angels  pose.  Eddy looks like a natural!! 


                             Hot Judy!                       Judy holds up her Christmas present! 

SO glad I was able to get both these items in the Charity Auction!!  SWEET! 


The bus ride to the boat cruise, and our boat for the day!

And now for the Gangsters...








Aha!  The truth comes out!

Whoever took this pic for me...thank you!  Nice job! 

Watch out!  Toronto is sinking!  LOL!  I love taking weird angles like that. 

Look out!  There's a giant flag in the lake!!  LOL!

Here are the peeps that have been to ALL FIVE RushCons!  Yeah, I'm in there, eh...  

Here are the peeps that are newbies and this is their first RushCon!  Oooo, RC virgins!  Hehe!

Now onto the Orbit Room!


The Orbit Room has a new bouncer!  All the way from Cincinnati, OH!  LOL!

The Orbit Room also has a new bartender!  Cool!


Look at all the Orbiters...  Supermouse looks waaaaasted!  LOL!    (sorry, mouse...hehehe)



Ohio Chicks RULE!    We dig Seiji, too!

 I don't think that's what they meant by "Bang your head", eh?


Has anyone ever noticed Rob is a ham?                         Me n Booter!

Man, what a fun day!!  And what an incredible weekend!  I want to thank all of the people that worked so hard to put this weekend was memorable, as always...  Love ya all!!

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