Here are pictures from Saturday, July 23, 2005...  Click on the picture to see it full size for better details. 


O Canadaaaaaa...

These are some wicked cool drums, eh!

The bobbles always slay me!  Alex's bobble looks like he's wearing bubblegum pink lipgloss!!  LOL!! 

Time for Match Game!!  I have video of a few of the different questions, if interested, email me!

Family Feud fun!  My team won!!  Yaaay Didact Family!! 

Match Game celebrities - Judy, Rob (Baskin) and Mary along with hostess Jillian!

Rushgrrrl ready to do her show from RushCon!  Sweet!

Like moths to a flame are the geeks to the laptops!  Everything ran SO smoothly this year!  Way to go!

After a break when the afternoon festivities were done, it was on to the Opera House for Rush Karaoke and the tribute band concert by Hemispheres!  Awesome!! 

Before the show...the lights were shining bright!

The drum set looked really cool all in red!

And now for a bunch of shots from the tribute band, Hemispheres:


Now what I want to know is does Pete (the bass player) do that with his tongue all the time?  LOL!


Let me sing to you...        Now, go show the gang your shirt!               Ok!      


And now some pictures for the Jillian fans!    I have Jillian's entire RTB rap as a Quicktime video.  If you want a copy, you'll have to ask her first; if she ok's it, I'll get you a copy somehow.  It's about a 17MB file...


Red smoky drums...     Rob striking a pose...   and   Hey!  Whatcha doin'? 

(I love the Hey!  Whatcha doin'? picture...Rob, you are SUCH a goofball!)


Rob workin' the crowd and jammin'...             Jimmy's drum set                   

And now for Rush (and Hemispheres) fans... 





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